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On 12 June 2022, there will be an election for mayor of Dresden. Dr. Martin Schulte-Wissermann is a candidate for the Pirates. Reason enough for me to make a musical statement.


Jan Kosyk – msw wird ob | Download


Jan Kosyk – msw wird OB

Text and chords

Ensemble MeinKlang

With the Ensemble MeinKlang we have developed a brilliant suitcase programme:

»Wir haben alle unser Päckchen zu tragen.«
»We all have our baggage to bear.«

Interactive music theatre? No, we’re not doing anything digital. It will be an acoustically analogue musical experience in which the audience decides which topics will be worked on. And so that it doesn’t get boring between the choice of topics, you can guess, vote and – of course – sing along.

This was recorded as part of the Aussitzen Extended project. I would like to share these recordings with you here:

MeinKlang: Architektur in Deutschland // Wir haben alle unser Päckchen zu tragen
Architektur in Deutschland (Text & Musik: Bodo Wartke)

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