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Beppu Punk Cats

Hirai Masaya from Beppu and Jan Kosyk from Germany started making music together last year. Now – one year later – they have their first joint exhibition with cute paintings by Masaya and political animation films by Jan.

They will also give a full concert at Sempervivum to close the exhibition. It will be a brilliant bouquet of Japanese-German punk rock jazz folk with guitar and piano. As Jan will leave shortly after that concert to Germany, it’s the last chance to see the Beppu Punk Cats for a long time. Stay tuned and come along!


Yeah man! German! – Wohnzimmerkonzert

For the second time Hirai Masaya and me played a Wohnzimmerkonzert at the great bar of Tapyasan. These visual gems give a hint of how beautiful it was.

Yeah man! German! – Wohnzimmerkonzert

Hirai Masaya and I played a great Wohnzimmer concert. We produced a mix of German and Japanese and sang, drummed and strummed together in the beautiful bar Tapyasan.

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Bunter Sommer Neustadt 16. Jun ʼ24 13:30 14:15 ics Wiesenbühne

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