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Heinrichplatz aus dem Animationsfilm Anarchia Anarchia Composition : Animation

Anarchia is an animation film by Jan Kosyk inspired from the song “Ufo” by Yok Quetschenpaua.

Eine Vorzeichnung zum Animationsfilm Alex Alex Animation

As a participant in the »mp3+4 :: 4 Werke« project of the Neustadt Art Kollektiv, I was allowed to put my song Alex into a film in cooperation with the gifted painter Helena Zubler and the up-and-coming artist Alexa Paul.


Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) Composition

I learned to play the piano. It’s just not always so easy to take the Bechstein grand with me on the train. That’s why I like to take my ukulele with me on the road and write a lot of songs with it. With the song Bundeswehr, I thought it actually sounded great and just skipped the step to the piano.

Kollektivshanty Composition

At the Neustadt Art Festival 2021 – at which we like to throw various ideas around on Sunday – Fabi came up with the idea that we needed a collective shanty.

Spätverkauf (late shop) Composition

In 2021 I participated in the adriAkustik Liedermachenliga, the theme was »Spätverkauf« (late shop).

Jan Kosyk mit Ukulele im Atelier, den Song »msw wird ob« spielend. msw wird ob Composition

On 12 June 2022, there will be an election for mayor of Dresden. Dr. Martin Schulte-Wissermann is a candidate for the Pirates. Reason enough for me to make a musical statement.

Heinrichplatz aus dem Animationsfilm Anarchia Anarchia Composition : Animation

Anarchia is an animation film by Jan Kosyk inspired from the song “Ufo” by Yok Quetschenpaua.

Alex Composition

The keyword of the adriAkustik-Liedermachenliga 2020 was “Humming”. So I sat down in the Alaunpark and wrote a song about humming.

Besetzt (Occupied) Composition

I helped occupy the POT81 auditorium in Dresden during the 2009 occupy wave. At the same time, the Occupy movement was taking place in the USA, which released a song. It was so impressive and fitting that I made a German translation and a simple piano composition for it.

Innen ein Punk (A punk inside) Composition

The first song completely written by me, 2018 that was. Since then, I don’t play this one anymore from time to time, after all, a lot has happened and everything is evolving.

Lied der Galaxie (Galaxy Song) Composition

I never really liked Monty Python, British humour is less my thing. Nevertheless, I found the Galaxy Song catchy and the idea of proving the absurd existence with numbers – catchy.

Groupie Composition

I’ve had quite a few relationships in my life. When I was desperate once again and couldn’t find anyone, I decided without further ado to simply stop looking.


The album Recordings

An album of my music with band. I love it very much!

Kassettenstapel des Klavierpunk-Tapes The Klavierpunk Tape Recordings

A cassette belongs to punk, even if there are only rehearsal room recordings on it.


Hall’n Bad Conzept

For the call of the art festival Begehungen 22, the wonderful Omani Frei and I applied with a concept. In the end, the concept did not make it to the shortlist, but I would like to record it here for posterity.


Flaschenpfand Flaschenpfand (Bottle Deposit) Engagement

I accompanied Toti’s song “Flaschenpfand” with Wurlitzer and piano. Then a few more takes and the music video is finished.

Grafik des Ensemble MeinKlangs Ensemble MeinKlang Engagement

With the ensemble MeinKlang we have created a brilliant suitcase programme: “We all have our baggage to bear”.

Cover der CD zur Musikalisch-szenischen Lesung von Martha Laux und Jan Kosyk echtjetzt – Musical-scenic reading Engagement

Sören Bendler and Sören Heise have published a book: Nonviolent Communication in Social Work. Together with Martha Laux, the two Sörens and two actresses, we developed a musical-scenic reading, the songs of which were included on the CD accompanying the book.

Album-Cover von Martha Laux und der bunte Hunde: ...wer später sagen will, sie sei von Anfang an dabei gewesen. Martha Laux und der bunte Hund Engagement

I went on a little journey with Martha Laux over a year and a half and literally accompanied her in her musical world. In the end, there were 10 songs, of which a songbook bears witness.

Klavierpunk Engagement

Since 2018, I have been on stage alone with piano and voice. With almost forgotten cover songs and a constantly growing repertoire of my own compositions, I tell you what will make the world a better place.

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