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The Klavierpunk Tape

Yes, I still know what a pencil has to do with a cassette. And so it was no question for me to produce something like that myself. So I quickly threw together my first recordings to make an A-side and a B-side and after five weeks the treasure was at home with me.

Kassettenstapel des Klavierpunk-Tapes

The tapes are not for sale. They are only available as free merch at my concerts or thrown in the Etsy shop of the Neustadt Art Kollektiv.


side A
1.AutonomiaMusik & Text: Yok Quetschenpaua
2.Nazis im HausText: Terrorgruppe, Musik: Jan Kosyk
3.Innen ein PunkMusik & Text: Jan Kosyk
4.Lieselotte MeyerMusik & Text: Yok Quetschenpaua
5.ZaubersteuerMusik & Text: Götz Widmann
6.Doch eine Sache gibt esMusik & Text: Martha Laux
side B
7.AutonomiaMusik & Text: Yok Quetschenpaua
8.BesetztText: Jan Kosyk
9.Innen ein PunkMusik & Text: Jan Kosyk
10.GroupieMusik & Text: Jan Kosyk
11.Lied der GalaxieMusik: Monty Python, Text: Jan Kosyk

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