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Yes, there is also Merch. Every now and then I find it funny|useful|targeted to put messages on things™, since nobody can always listen to music anywhere. The things that can be seen here can be purchased at:



CD »Klavierpunk – Das Album«

A CD with 11 songs for you for nothing. Simply write an email with delivery address and piece number to and a few days later the post goes off.

  1. Autonomia
  2. Besetzt
  3. Nazis im Haus
  4. Innen ein Punk
  5. Bundeswehr
  6. Groupie
  7. Alex
  8. Schwarzparken
  9. Lied der Galaxie
  10. Spätverkauf
  11. Anarchia

Meanwhile you can listen to it on Spotify.

The Klavierpunk tape

Kassettenstapel des Klavierpunk-Tapes

Yes, I still know what a pencil has to do with a cassette. And that’s why it was not a question for me to produce something like that. So I threw my first shots together to form an A and a B side and after five weeks the treasure was at home.


There is no sticker in the shop. Write me an email or order tops, shirts or postcards, then I put a few of them with it.

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Wohnzimmerkonzert Nr. 2 5. Oct ʼ23 19:00 21:00 ics KURUKURU Pop-up concert 7. Oct ʼ23 20:00 21:00 ics Gin&Lemon Acoustic concert: Jan Kosyk & Hirai Masaya 14. Oct ʼ23 17:00 18:00 ics Kiyoshima Apartment 清島アパート

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