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Jan Kosyk
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concert: Kunst unterm Dach

engagement: Klavierpunk
23. September 2022, 20:30 — 21:30 ics
location: Kunst unterm Dach, Sebnitzer Straße 6, 01099 Dresden

Sebnitzer Straße 6, 01099 Dresden
23. Sep
23. Sep

For the sixth time, Thomas Schreiter invited visitors to the rustic attic at Sebnitzer Straße 6. Once a year, for the Neustadt Art Festival, the small wooden door opens to reveal an art-and-music wonderland. In addition to a small bar with coffee, cake and other amenities, there are three days of art, readings and music in a cosy ambience.

And I was allowed to be part of this wonderland several times. In 2022, there was a livestream from which I cut my songs and placed them on the internet:


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