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Kommunalwahl 2024

Am 9. Juni sind in Sachsen nicht nur EU-Wahlen, sondern auch die Kommunalwahlen. Seit 2014 trete ich für die PIRATEN in der Dresdner Neustadt an, einerseits für den Stadtrat im Wahlkreis 2 und andererseits für den Stadtbezirksbeirat Neustadt, in welchem ich seit 2015 regelmäßig sitze.

Diesen Plan verfolge ich auch dieses Jahr wieder und werde euch hier auf dem laufenden halten über geplante Aktionen, veröffentlichte Texte und was sonst noch alles dazu passt.

Jan Kossick - Milieus schützen

Kiyoshima Artist Daily :: 2023-09-15

Today there will be no direct video of me. Instead I’ll recommend you the recordings of the Wohnzimmer concert from last Sunday. Masaya-san and me created some kind of unique japanese-german punk-folk-rock genre, where music connects people, meanings, pictures and languages. Enjoy it!

For more videos look into the Wohnzimmer concert event.

Kiyoshima Artist Daily :: 2023-09-09

This week was full of art. \o/ I tell you timely backwards our todays presentation for Beppu Art Month, my plan to have flyers of our exhibtions and concerts for the Art Fair Beppu, the new song of the CATS project in Italian language from Thursday with Hirai Masaya and a rehearsal of Nihongo-German songs from Wednesday. Much music, some pictures. Have fun!

Kiyoshima Artist Daily :: 2023-08-26

It’s nearly two weeks since the last daily, but I have my reasons. 😃 Today I gonna tell you some useful AI things I’ve done for the Neustadt Art Festival website and you’ll get some music: A spontaneous session at Watanabe Tomishoten and songs I rehearsed with Hirai Masaya. Have fun!

Kiyoshima Artist Daily :: 2023-08-12

Right now there are quite a lot exhibitions and concerts and we try to catch some of them. In addition we installed a small cinema at Kurukuru. And I’m working on Cat And The Sun and the second song is ready for prepublishing it here. Have fun! 🎸🎶🎻🎵

Kiyoshima Artist Daily :: 2023-08-05

Today you’ll see another unboxing of music equipment (How exciting! 😝), the first impression of the first verse of the first song of the project Cat And The Sun and a surprise at the end.

Kiyoshima Artist Daily :: 2023-08-03

It’s been a while since the last daily (and it’s not called “weekly”), but I was busy creating a new Peertube instance for my videos. Now it’s ready and I’m proud to present it to you. 🥳

Nevertheless I did some artsy things like having the Songbirds concert last Saturday and doing some lead sheets for Masaya and me again. Enjoy it!

Kiyoshima Artist Daily :: 2023-07-29

Today you’ll get some impressions of doing “musician things” like texting and rehearsing and a little timelaps building an improvised Piñata. 🪅

Kiyoshima Artist Daily :: 2023-07-26

The first one is directly about the project »Cat And The Sun«. In this project I’ll write seven songs in seven languages and Omani will do seven artworka.

Furthermore you can listen to some snippets from a rehearsal of Hirai Masaya and me earlier this day.


I’m travelling the world with the unique Omani Frei. Well, sort of. We travel to countries near and far from time to time, sometimes together, sometimes alone. The easiest way to follow my current travel status and travel reports is on my Telegram channel at

You can follow our journey up to the end of 2023 in the dedicated blog at


As it happened, I was able to accompany the wonderful Omani Frei to the Cinanima Festival in Espinho in 2021. Inspired by the concentrated load of animated films, I started working on my own animated film while still there.

The song Ufo by Yok Quetschenpaua, which has been with me for a long time, is the template for this and is now being filmed in an English and German version in an animated cartoon. 🎉


march 2022

The song, freshly mastered from the studio, is here. Bilingual, of course:

Anarchia (Text: Jan Kosyk, Musik: Yok Quetschenpaua)
Autonomia (Text & Musik: Yok Quetschenpaua)

January and February 2022

I gather three other musicians – Atze, Henk & Achim – around me to record the song in the recording studio. We rehearse for six weeks and on 25 February the time has come and we record in the Virtuos Vibes recording studio in Dresden.

In parallel, the great Alina Milkina creates the world in which the film will take place. Berlin as a cartoon:

December 2021

The text is ready. \o/

November 2021

Still in Espinho, I start working on the storyboard and the translation of the German text, with great support from the lovely Brad Hock.


Punk without drums and guitar, cross covers, own stuff and with a huge portion of political education. Political what?

Since 2018, I have been on stage alone with piano and voice. With almost forgotten cover songs and a constantly growing repertoire of my own compositions, I tell you what will make the world a better place.


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Yeah man! German! – Wohnzimmerkonzert 9. Mar ʼ24 20:00 22:00 ics タプ屋さん トウト (Tapyasan)

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